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Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 00:00:34 CEST

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002 10:56:58 +0100 (BST)
Garry thomas Tucker <> pleasently wrote:

> > It works like so: starting with 'foo.tmp' which you got from pnpdump, remove
> > the comments '#' from the lines you want to keep. Feed this to isapnp.
> >
> I think i have figured out what the problem
> was. Taking parts from pnpdump i made the
> extensa file assigning irq220 io5 (or is it
> the other way around?) dma 1. Then i
> removed my cirrus svga card and ran setup -f
> sound. It detected the card straight away
> and set the sound up. then i typed say
> hello gary this is mu talking finally. To
> my disapointment, the speakers clicked as if
> they were going to work, then clicked off
> again (sigh).

Uhm, the 'say' command sometimes fails to produce any actual output - just clicking randomly;
try a
'wave 256 5'
to see if it works; or retry say with different words etc.

check in
to see whether the soundcard drivers loaded ok...

Another test for a working soundcard is to plug a mic in; then issue
'mixer mic 100'
and see if you get drowned in feedback :^)

> > Doomed to silence. Unless you find the needed driver, (easy), and can
> > get it to work with mu, (a daunting task).
> I think i'll take that task. It'll give me
> a chance to learn how stuff works, and i get
> bored when things work perfectly! Thanks
> for the advice, i shall now go find the
> driver, and MAKE it work under mu.

Hell of a lot of work, you'll need to find a driver for mu's rustified 2.0 kernel; get the modules.tgz from the misc directory of , and if its not there, find the similarly named archieve from toms rtbt ( ) - you might have to 'insmod -f' to force 'em into a slightly different kernel :)
Alternatively, grab a copy of the 2.0. kernel sources & build your own kernel... make sure to enable ram filesystem & loopback support to use with mu :-!

Good luck!


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