[mu TECH] Trouble with AST Notebook

From: Norberto Carnelli (ingegnere@libero.it)
Date: Mon Apr 15 2002 - 18:49:24 CEST

I'm trying to use mulinux on a old AST Ascentia 950N notebook (p90, 16mb ram)
and i got this strange behaviour :
i can use it for 5 minutes circa, then the laptop freezes and no input is accepted,
neither the function keys as battery, bios configuration etc..so im forced to reboot the

I suppose it's something related to power management, but i've disabled everything
about it in the internal BIOS or maybe there's something wrong with USMDOS ?!?

PS DOS is working flawlessy on that laptop

Any idea would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

     Norberto Carnelli

"Io amo e vivo in silenzio
ma dietro ogni sorriso nascondo
una lacrima di dolore
---Jim Morrison"

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