Re: [mu TECH] Trouble with AST Notebook

From: Norberto Carnelli (
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 14:45:17 CEST

> PS the interesting fact is that if i choose shell, then the laptop goes into
> shell and it does *NOT* freezes like it used to. I worked for some minutes in
> the shell going inside/outside dir, copying file and so on without a freeze. The
> only strange thing is that the function-keys (battery,bios config etc..) werent
> working, btw the system was usable (and from the dmesg i saw that the kernel
> correctly detected the APM-stuff)

i forgot one thing :
i got also an error about NLS charset cp437 not found or something similar....

but, more important  :

actually the laptop doesn't freeze ONLY if connected to the power supply,
if i go to shell using only the battery i got the usual crash :/
so i suppose it's not an apm problem...

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