13r2 WKS hangs at 90%

From: Mick Mearns (yam_bike@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 10:15:29 CEST

   I downloaded 13r2 yesterday, along with all the add-ons.
I have a hard drive with /dev/hda DOS 75M, /dev/hda2 swap 128M, /dev/hda3 root

I install the BOOT:ROOT, then SRV, then WKS - it hangs at "Completed: 90%"
forever with lots of hard disk thrashing.

This is the new WKS floppy.
I tried two different floppies - same.

Is there a way to install to ext2 directly from a cdrom?

This box is a P133/16M ram.

How many floppies can you load before you "clone"?

Can I just load BOOT:ROOT and /usr then clone?

Once I get the install procedure figured out I want to put it on a Toshiba
T4700Ct, which is a 486-50/16M laptop.
This requires removing the drive from the caddy and adapting it to the p133.
This is a slow procedure so I wait untill my old "scratch box" runs before I
will try it.

How come there is no ext2 install at all - just umsdos?

Thank you Michele

 Mick M.


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