RE: 13r2 WKS hangs at 90%

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Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 18:41:23 CEST

I have used the clone command to install ext2 from just the base floppy then
when you boot from the hard drive just answer no to all the setup and lock
questions and when it runs up type setup to load an addon. this procedure
can be followed for as many addons as needed then perform the lock command
and finish the setup wizard etc.
I did this setup like this on a toshiba t1850 laptop 386 no co-processor 12
M ram and 120M hD.
It worked but was slow, and wouldn't run Netscape 3 since it had a 480 640
The reason I had to do a floppy at a time was that there was insufficient
ram to ram disk all the add ons. Incidentally I got it working fine with a
toshiba t4900 as well.

Good luck
have fun


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Subject: 13r2 WKS hangs at 90%

   I downloaded 13r2 yesterday, along with all the add-ons.
I have a hard drive with /dev/hda DOS 75M, /dev/hda2 swap 128M, /dev/hda3

I install the BOOT:ROOT, then SRV, then WKS - it hangs at "Completed: 90%"
forever with lots of hard disk thrashing.

This is the new WKS floppy.
I tried two different floppies - same.

Is there a way to install to ext2 directly from a cdrom?

This box is a P133/16M ram.

How many floppies can you load before you "clone"?

Can I just load BOOT:ROOT and /usr then clone?

Once I get the install procedure figured out I want to put it on a Toshiba
T4700Ct, which is a 486-50/16M laptop.
This requires removing the drive from the caddy and adapting it to the p133.
This is a slow procedure so I wait untill my old "scratch box" runs before
will try it.

How come there is no ext2 install at all - just umsdos?

Thank you Michele

 Mick M.


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