Re: [mu TECH] Trouble with AST Notebook / hdparm -c

From: Norberto Carnelli (
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 13:26:04 CEST

> On 18 Apr 2002, at 23:45, Vesa-Pekka Palmu <> wrote:
> > You could also try to use "hdparm -c -1 /dev/hda" to disable the hd
> > power saving, but I cant exactly remember should there be -1 or 0
> > after the -c argument.

uhm, but this is not a seagate driver and actually the pc still freezes using
"-Z" flag too

btw i have done another test, and it *seems* that if i do a suspend after the
freeze, i can see on the console the commands that i tried to execute while the laptop
was freezed...
i mean
i wait til the laptop freezes,
i write "ls" <return> a couple of times, nothing happens on the monitor (and the hd
doesn't work)
then i push the suspend button (everything stops), then i resume from the suspend
i can hear the hd restarting, i can see the two "ls" executed with the correct output and
then, after that commands, the laptop doesnt accept any other input

I cant really figure out what the hell is happening..
sometimes it hangs and neither the keyboard nor the special-functions keys are working,
sometimes the keyb is hanged but the function keys are working.... god knows :/

sorry for monopolizing your time with this old-damned-laptop's problem :-)

PS i would like to recreate the "AST Windows Swapfile partition" that was present on the
original 1.2gb HD (the hd that im using now is borrowed)
Maybe this is the cause of the crashes, but the problem is, which sw could
i use to create this strange type (0x18) of partition ? i suppose fdisk, fips and partition
magic will create only well-known partitions (like ext2-fat16-fat32 and so on )
and not this strange one...

     Norberto Carnelli

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