Re: QT embedded floppy disk demo

From: Lisias Toledo (
Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 05:07:54 CEST

Michele Andreoli wrote:

> Microwindows is a new API, i.e.: function are different from Xlib.
> I explored a little Microwindows and Nano-X, but they implement new APIs.
> I dislike this proliferation!

I remember a article Somewhere in the Time 8-) where the guy tries to
explain why Xlib isn't good for low footprint memory situations. I must
be honest, at time, I didn't understood half that writing... 8-)

There's a lot of people willing a alternative to X, as the Berlin
Project. I think the embedded environment is suffering the same

> GTK+ is even worst, because it is a new API the call the Xlib API.
> Therefore, GTK+ requires an X-Window server in order to work.

To not mentio the huge footprint.

> As you see, I simply removed the X Protocol, reducing X-Window
> from a "graphics network server" to Microsoft Windows! Is that the answer?

I think it's one of possible answers. How good is a graphics network
server on a mono-user, mono-task enviromnent as a PDA?

> But now we have the program that speak Xlib with the module; the
> module that speak Qt with Qt; and Qt that speak framebuffer with
> the the kernel: this is Babilonia!

To not mention the abstraction cascade impairing performance and wasting

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