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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 15:29:41 CEST

On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 07:49:33AM -0300, Lisias Toledo wrote:
> Michele Andreoli wrote:
> > I'm such stunned that I'm thinking: why to not develope a microsystem
> > from scratch, only in order to learn the Qt API model? (the dream ...)
> Qt is very cool, and if you wanna develop some KDE Applications, it's
> definitively the way to go.
> But I think that MicroWindows ( could be a
> quick & dirty option, and with WxWindows Embedded
> ( a viable platform.

Microwindows is a new API, i.e.: function are different from Xlib.
I explored a little Microwindows and Nano-X, but they implement new APIs.
I dislike this proliferation!
As Qt, they use framebuffer for the rendering process.

GTK+ is even worst, because it is a new API the call the Xlib API.
Therefore, GTK+ requires an X-Window server in order to work.

What I noticed as absent in this scenario is: why do not have an
interface library, talking on a side "the framebuffer language" and
in the other side "the X11 language"?

Let me call this library X11-fb (X11 to framebuffer lib). Having
such library, I can recompile a regular X11 program/utility, linking
it with -lX11-fb instead of -lX11, and to expect to see it working
without an X server.

I'm still browsing projects and homepage, but I cannot find this
kind of software. Why nobody developed it?

As you see, I simply removed the X Protocol, reducing X-Window
from a "graphics network server" to Microsoft Windows! Is that the answer?

I'm still not full informed, but maybe a big project like Qt has
some extension module to load in order to talk with Xlib programs,
solving the dilemma.

But now we have the program that speak Xlib with the module; the
module that speak Qt with Qt; and Qt that speak framebuffer with
the the kernel: this is Babilonia!


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