Re: Server message

From: Stephen Isard (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 12:47:40 CEST

Wells, Adrian (SCH) wrote:

> INIT: Id "T1" respawning too fast: disabling for 5 minutes.

It's your telnet daemon. If you look in /etc/inittab, you'll find a
line beginning "T1:5:respawn:..." which is intended to start the daemon
when the system comes up (more specifically when the boot process gets
to runlevel 5) and to arrange for it to be restarted if it dies. What
the message says is that you are getting a dying-respawning loop, which
the init process eventually notices and breaks out of by refusing to
respawn for a while.

If you temporarily comment out that line and restart init (or just
reboot), you can try running the command (the stuff after "respawn:" on
the line in /etc/inittab) by hand and see if you get any enlightening
error messages that explain why the daemon is dying.

Stephen Isard

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