IP forwarding / IP Masquerade

From: adrian@wells-braemar.fsnet.co.uk
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 11:59:55 CEST

I have been trying to connect 2 PC's via a LAN (succesfully) to a mulinux box using static IP addresses and everything (Telnet/VNC/Web/FTP) all works fine. I can also connect to an ISP using a Modem PPP connection no problem with the Mulinux box. However, I am struggling with IP formarding. If I get an IP address for the Mulinux box over DHCP from the service provider how do the other machines on the LAN know what this IP adress is. Or is it the case that the Mulinux box has two addresses, one for its LAN connection (static) and the other for the PPP to the ISP (Dynamic).
Any advice would be very gratefuly received, I have nearly a very functional system here, and would love to get it working correctly.
Many thanks to all


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