Re: IP forwarding / IP Masquerade

From: Joshua Hudson (
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 06:28:11 CEST

>From: <>

>However, I am struggling with IP formarding. If I get
>an IP address for the Mulinux box over DHCP from the
>service provider how do the other machines on the LAN
>know what this IP adress is. Or is it the case that
>the Mulinux box has two addresses, one for its LAN
>connection (static) and the other for the PPP to
>the ISP (Dynamic).

That is correct. When configured, the other machines
only need to know that your mulinux box is the gateway.
Use the address specified on the LAN. It is not the same
as the one for PPP.

Perhaps check out floppyfw

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