[mu SETUP] VFS : Insert root floppy and press ENTER ? -- Next step

From: Francis Girard (francis_rollet_girard@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 21:57:49 CEST

Thank you all for your answers !

The boot parameter floppy=thinkpad made me go one step further on my IBM
Thinkpad 340 with 4Mb of RAM.

I now have the following :

Partition check:
hda: hda1
RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 563

MicroSoft? is that some kind of a toilet paper?

/linuxrc: Cannot fork
VFS: Insert root floppy and press ENTER [Here I simply press ENTER]
EXT2-fs warning: mounting unchecked fs, running e2fsck is recommended
VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem).
Trying to unmount old root ... okay
Unable to open initial console.
[jam-stopped there]

Looking in the faq I tried the following at boot prompt :

mulinux floppy=thinkpad f1722 load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0
ramdisk_size=3000 ramdisk_start=563

--- Notice that on my thinkpad, I can't type it all ! It stops after a
certain number of characters.
--- Notice that I have an old black and white screen on my thinkpad.

Thank you

Francis Girard

>From: "Vesa-Pekka Palmu" <vessu@dlc.fi>
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>Subject: Re: [mu SETUP] VFS : Insert root floppy and press ENTER ?
>Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 23:41:27 +0300
> > I'm trying to install muLinux on an old IBM Thinkpad 340 laptop, with
> > 4Mb of RAM.
>add floppy=thinkpad to the boot parameters, as thinkpads have
>some unstandard things in their floppy drives. I have installed mu
>successfully to a thinkpad 340 with 8mb of memory :)
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