Re: desert 'ile' / twofer

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Thu Jul 04 2002 - 10:16:23 CEST

On 3 Jul 2002, at 14:22, Michele Andreoli <> suggested
to replace 'ile':

> > With?
> Nothing :-)

An oracular answer; "nothing" is a synonym of "mu".

I researched this problem today and learned...
 (drum roll)...

How to start 'ile' in a mu Debian xterm window.

1) Mount the DOS drive as umsdos.
        # mount -t umsdos /dev/hda1 /mnt/c

1a) To run 'ile' under Debian Potato, make sure that the 'termcap-compat' library is installed.
        # apt-get install termcap-compat

2) As root, run your favorite xterm, and in that xterm run 'ile', (and load its config
file 'ilerc'), and have 'ile' run 'chroot'...

        # gnome-terminal -e /mnt/c/linux/usr/bin/ile -/mnt/c/linux/etc/ilerc chroot /mnt/c/linux/

3) An xterm window should pop up. Load the mu profile**...

        # . /etc/profile

Now mu can find 'mc' and command history and path completion work under 'ash'.

...(Ecstatic, the muList crowd holds up a lit match.)

Except I don't understand how to combine steps 2 & 3 into one line.
Two separate lines work correctly. But this fails:

        # gnome-terminal -e /mnt/c/linux/usr/bin/ile -/mnt/c/linux/etc/ilerc chroot /mnt/c/linux/ . /etc/profile

...what happens is that an xterm opens and instantly closes.
How to do it right, in only one line?

(**thanks to MA & JH.)

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