Re: desert 'ile' / twofer

Date: Thu Jul 04 2002 - 16:17:58 CEST

"Alfie Costa" wrote:

> 1) Mount the DOS drive as umsdos.
> # mount -t umsdos /dev/hda1 /mnt/c
> ....
> 3) An xterm window should pop up. Load the mu profile**...
> # . /etc/profile
> Now mu can find 'mc' and command history and path completion work
> under 'ash'.

I don't understand:

What's the point of hacking a minimalist system like mulinux, and then
running a monster like X (xterm) ?

mc is a killer-ap, also because it doesn't need xterm.
When I do a serious linux session, I normally end up with 5 of the
VTs running mc. It would be great if you can fix the extra facilities of
mc to run also under mulinux. Firstly (also) under VT's.

-- Chris Glur.

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