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> All runs great and I can connect to internet no problems,
> except: when I try
> to run NS I get "Netscape has detected a /.netscape/lock
> file. This may
> indicate another user is running NS using your /.netscape files.

Have you eveer tried to delete the lock file ?
If you kills the netscape process ( or if the process dies )
the lock file could remain ... if you try to start netscape
again, it will find the lock file and it will sometimes refuse
to work properly.

> It appears to be running host under process ID 17266."
> I searched the web for eliminating the lock file and found a
> reference to

Before killing a process try to get the process ID with the command

ps -aux

If you got to many lines and you are only searching for netsacpe, try:

ps -aux | grep nets

this will show you the process ID of a running netscape task ... you can try
to kill this but don't forget to remove the remaining lock file.

> "kill (process id #) . When I tried "kill 17266" I got
> "17266:no such process kill:no such process"

You got the process ID from an example ? Than it is no wonder why the kill
command could not find the process yopu wanted to kill .... try first 'ps'
or better 'ps -aux'

> Did I use the command improperly? What is [-signal] before
> the process id in the kill command?

You can send a signal to the process, a '-3' is equal to the 'ctrl C'
command from your keyboard. When this doesn't help on aprocess than you
should try kill -9 id

> Where can I get info on what to do?

The good thing about muLINUX: It is small
The bad thing about muLINUX: It is small

To keep muLINUX small they have not installed a proper 'help' or 'man'
command. A full LINUX distribution will have a 'man' ( manual ) command that
provides a good help for everyone who wants to know more about a specified

If you won't install a big LINUX Version I would recommend to buy a small
book about the LINUX ( GNU if possible ) command line set. This will help
you to learn more about the system.
with kind regards / mit freundlichen Grüssen

Gerd Kautzmann

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