mu TECH Netscape lock

From: Gordon Golden (
Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 07:51:13 CEST

I am running muLinux on a P166, 32mb ram from the hd under dos. I have x11,
wks, tcl, ns1 and ns2.

All runs great and I can connect to internet no problems, except: when I try
to run NS I get "Netscape has detected a /.netscape/lock file. This may
indicate another user is running NS using your /.netscape files.
It appears to be running host under process ID 17266."

I searched the web for eliminating the lock file and found a reference to
"kill (process id #) . When I tried "kill 17266" I got
"17266:no such process
kill:no such process"
Did I use the command improperly? What is [-signal] before the process id in
the kill command?

What have I done and how do I get rid of the lock file to get NS running? I
am an experienced HDOS, CPM, DOS, Windows user, but have just started
playing with Linux on the P166. Am also running Red Hat v6 on the same
machine in Linux partitions, but am still trying to get the ppp configured

Where can I get info on what to do?

MuLinux is great! Keep up the good work.

Gordon Golden

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