Re. [MuLin on laptops] Slight problem

Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 21:17:15 CEST

Tomaas wrote:
> I have recently acquired a laptop (Lexmark Lexbook SE10) which is a cheap
> clone of some IBM machine (Thinkpad 500 family or so). Of course, it
> wouldn't be a pleasure without MuLinux.
> Having decided to boot it up, I prepared the floppies and started the boot.
> However, problems quickly appeared. First of all, the machine has a total
> 3904KBs of memory (<4MB) and does not want to cooperate (the kernel halts in
> random moments of loading itself into memory). I've tried to cut it smaller,
> but with little effect.
> Any ideas how may I succeed with booting it?

MuLinux is good as a 1 diskette 'system' to hack into a machine, eg.
when the hard disk is not available. As a usable system, if you've got
the hardware, why punish your self ?

For a 4 Mbyte laptop I use oberon System 3:
* free - university developed and supported
* multi tasking (single user)
* V2.3.6 is stable for years:
     DOSbased or Linuxbased or StandAlone versions
* very GUI - serious usage need 3 button mouse
* ppp, email, NewsGroup, http-getter (no frames yet)
* many aplications
* flies like a rocket on old hardware - eg. boots in 4 secs.
* easier to install than Mulinux
* startup (taste) < 1.4M diskette
* usable system ~ 3 M
* full system with compiler, graphics etc. ~ 6M

I don't like using the laptop for ppp to ISP becase the built in
mouse/ball is uncomfortable -- I have to allocate the only
external ser-port to the modem.

-- Chris Glur.

PS. this is read/written with native-oberon - my standard work-horse.

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