[mu SETUP] modem, telnet, ftp

From: Rudolf Harney (rudolf.harney@web.de)
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 20:33:27 CEST

Hi all!
Huahhh - I was again sitting all day over the mulinux system - this time the modem configuration - and it didn't work (as I want it to work). (Thanks again to Stephen Isard: the system boots now without asking me tiresome questions! I still do have to check with the runlevels, though.)
Problem of my day:
(1) I want to be able to communicate with my industrial PC via telnet & ftp via modem and
(2) the system needs to have internet access, to get a proper system time every now & then.
So I started setting up ppp (i.e. ppp0), because I thought, the system wants to have an IP number and all that stuff. Now the modem dials the telephone number of my internet provider if I enter "ppp-on" or pppd, but hangs up after about 10 secs again. I checked the telephone number, username, password, etc. several times and tried them on my SuSE Linux system - there the modem works.
Does someone know
- how to set up a telnet / ftp connection (just between two PCs) and
- how to get into the Internet???

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