Re: [mu SETUP] modem, telnet, ftp

From: Stephen Isard (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 16:28:50 CEST

Rudolf Harney wrote:

> I do have two modems: one at the muLinux PC, one at my PC at home. The
> Industrial PC with muLinux will be out in the fields, making
> measurements, so there can't be just a cable betweeen them.

We're getting into fairly general linux stuff here that doesn't relate
specifically to mulinux.

Have you considered having the mulinux pc dial in to your home pc
directly, without bothering with compuserve at all? Even if you manage
to connect to compuserve from each of them, logging in from one to the
other will be complicated.

I would suggest two stages:

Plug in a serial cable between the two machines and get ppp going
between them, using 'setup -f ppp0' on the mulinux machine and the
equivalent on the SuSE one. Read the PPP Howto, e.g., at or elsewhere.

Then replace the cable with a dialup connection. See, for instance, the
Linux Dialin Server Guide at

> configuratrion is:
> serial device: /dev/ttyS0
> serial speed: 115200
> authentification method: chat (I tried pap and chap, also)
> telephone number: 019160 (number of compuserve, Germany)
> dialing mode: tone
> additional modem initialization: ATL1 (???)
> username: ...
> password: ...
> IP: noipdefault (???)
> other options: proxyarp (???)
> defaultroute: yes
> nameserver: (thats what the compuserve homepage says)
> ISP login prompt <enter>
> ISP password prompt <enter>
> final expect-send-pair []

I don't know how compuserve responds when you dial in, but you may need
to put some information in these last three for your chat script to
work. Many ISPs will prompt with something like 'Username:', or its
equivalent in another language, and then 'Password:'. Run chat in
verbose mode (chat -v) to get a log of what is going on.

> ifconfig just sees the loopback device (should it see more?).

Yes, it should see ppp0. Do ifconfig from your SuSE system when it is
connected to see how it should look.

> In my SuSE system, the pap-secrets & chap-secrets are empty: I dial
> with wvdial.

I don't know how wvdial works, so I can't suggest how to dig out the
information about what it is doing. Maybe you can get wvdial to report
its login dialogue, and then you'll know what to put in the mulinux chat
script. I thought just about all ISPs used pap or chap these days, but
my experience is limited.

Stephen Isard

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