Re: Re: [mu SETUP] modem, telnet, ftp

From: Rudolf Harney (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 13:04:08 CEST

Thank You, Stephen Isard. Here some more details:
Stephen Isard wrote:
> What sort of connection do you have between the two pcs? Ethernet?
> Serial line?
I do have two modems: one at the muLinux PC, one at my PC at home. The Industrial PC with muLinux will be out in the fields, making measurements, so there can't be just a cable betweeen them.
> Is it important to get from your mulinux machine directly
> to the internet, or is it enough to go via the SuSE system?
The muLinux system has to be able to get the time independent from my PC at home (SuSE system). But internet access is secondary: Much more impoortant for me is the telnet connection (or another aquivalent connection via modem, where I can work on the muLinux system as a remote user). Do You / does someone have an idea, how to accomplish such a connection?

> Did you do setup isp, or just setup ppp0? Have you got
> /etc/ppp/pap-secrets and /etc/ppp/chap-secrets files? Are they the same
> as on your SuSE system?
I just set up isp, (I think, I was asked to do it before by the system), didn't help much, though. the configuratrion is:
serial device: /dev/ttyS0
serial speed: 115200
authentification method: chat (I tried pap and chap, also)
telephone number: 019160 (number of compuserve, Germany)
dialing mode: tone
additional modem initialization: ATL1 (???)
username: ...
password: ...
IP: noipdefault (???)
other options: proxyarp (???)
defaultroute: yes
nameserver: (thats what the compuserve homepage says)
ISP login prompt <enter>
ISP password prompt <enter>
final expect-send-pair []
ppp now up
happy yes (well ...)

... and it still hangs up after about 10 secs. ifconfig just sees the loopback device (should it see more?). ping (or another www adress) results in unknown host - so I don't think, I'm online.
In my SuSE system, the pap-secrets & chap-secrets are empty: I dial with wvdial.
Any other ideas, how to get online?

Rudolf Harney
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