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Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 16:30:20 CEST

Thanks for the detailed reply,
I didn't have any of this set, this was my problem.
Best regards

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Schiehallion, Telecomms wrote:

> Is there some setting in mulinux I ame overlooking other than just
> enabling port forwarding or is the default setup OK for my situation.

When you do 'setup -f ipfwadm' on your mulinux machine, you are given a
numbered list of interfaces, one of which should be your ethernet
connection to your other machines, probably called eth0. (I'm assuming
you have some kind of hub, rather than a separate ethernet card for each
other machine.) When you are prompted for help/quit/block/masquerade,
say 'm' for masquerade and then, following the introductory text on your
screen, 1-0, to masquerade the network on interface #1 to "everywhere".
At least eth0 was interface #1 when I tried it on my machine. If it is
some other number for you, use that number instead of 1. I believe that
should do it. I can't test it myself because my mulinux machine doesn't
have a connection to the outside world.

One other thing to watch out for is giving the other machines a dns
address to use. Either that of your mulinux machine if you've set up
a dns server on it, or your ISP's dns server. If you can ping some
machine in the outside world through its IP address, e.g., for, but not through it's name (,
then it's a dns problem.

The Masquerading Howto at
is pretty thorough. It's not quite as long as it looks, because you can
skip lots of sections that are specific to operating systems and kernel
versions that you haven't got. There is a step-by-step testing section
at that might
be useful for locating your problem.

Stephen Isard

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