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Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 06:58:02 CEST

Alfie Costa wrote:
> On 6 Oct 2002, at 21:25, Lisias Toledo <> wrote:

> Not all critics and filmmakers are professionals, and not all viewers pay. I
> once produced a comical short for our local Cable TV channel. Nobody involved
> got any money, and nobody had to pay to see this short. That it was not done
> for coin certainly shouldn't have made my production beyond critique.

And how big was your responsability on your production? Can you be sued
or have any liability if your short was a failure? Can your local
CableTV channel sue you if you refuse to work on a sequel?

This is not about the complain. Is about the bad atitude from some guys
who make demands on a service he gets for free (as in beer).

> > When we get things for free, it is spected that people is, at least,
> > polite (to not mention gratefull)[...]
> On a personal level, yes.
> On a public level... it's vain to expect personal needs to be met by public
> action.

Into the general public, maybe.

But in a community (as I see this list), not. Be harsh with your
team-mates everytime something goes wrong and see it by yourself.

> The fallacy of applying this "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" proverb to
> free software is that free software is a public gift, and the proverb refers to
> a personal gift.

We are not talking about Free Software, but about the right way to
complain about viruses on a free (as in beer) service as this list.

I have the freedom to go where I want, but I can't take a bus for free.
If a bus-driver offers me a free ride after work, I must be gratefull by
the ride, and not angry if the guy don't leave me at my house's door!

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