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From: Lisias Toledo (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 07:09:48 CEST

Alfie Costa wrote:

> But freedom is a civic good, a public good.

Yap. But my freedom ends in the precise instant the next guy's freedom

> You couldn't have mu (at least as
> we know it) without the GPL; 'P' stands for "Public'.

Yap. But I can't see how the GPL can force Michelle to hear harsh
complains here. The GPL protects the Source Code, not the Mailing Lists.

> And without Richard
> Stallman's politically inspired GPL, (or something very much like it), we'd
> probably have no Linux.

IMHO, you're Wrong. Linus made Linux as GPL becasue GCC was GPL. There's
no other reason.

And don't forget FreeBSD. Without Linux, I think FreeBSD would be the
dominant Open Source O.S., and the main license the BSD one.

> (like making poison gas or something),
> but feel no responsibility for any bad results, because he is only a pure of
> faith scholar.

Blame the gun's inventor, but not the hand that pulls the trigger?

Bose-Einstein Condensation : A new concept on Software Development.
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