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From: Gerrit Lammert (
Date: Sat Oct 12 2002 - 16:34:58 CEST

Hi Franz, Michele, list.

Am 12.10.2002 um 09:27 schrieb mir Sabina & Franz:
Everytime there came a virus over the list, it was followed by a warning
message about it. I guess, this message came from a viri-scanner somewhere
on sunsite. If that software identifies the viri, it must be possible for
it to delete them. It probably doesn't because of some "warning, might
filter wanted messages also"-warning in the configs. I say: lets kill the
viri and take the risk of 0.1 % lost Mails.
Its generally better to be histed by a small team at sunsite that at the
big team at sf, because the smaller one usually fullfills some special
So, I don't see the urgent need to move to SF.
But I would suggest to change the adress (to start all over, spamfree) and
to not have this new address computer-readable on the web. So instead of
havin it should be mu(at) or such. that is, because
most spam-senders collect their addresses using bots to search the web and
beacuse of some naughty virus, that sends itself to addresses that it finds
on webpages stored on the infected PC (for emaple in temporary internet
files/browser cache))
I also suggest to only allow those users to post, that are subscribed to
the list (as Jim suggested).

>It would be useful to hear from anyone who has
>had experience subscribing to a SF list.

I have, and generally had no Problems with them. But it was an internal ML,
only used by a developing team with no public access.

>So there you have it...not a direct answer,but I hope it helps.

dito :-)


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