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Date: Sat Oct 12 2002 - 17:24:10 CEST

If I were in your shoes, I'd stay with sunsite, because of the copyright
provisions at SourceForge; I fear that eventually sf will be taken over by
someone hostile to us and the permissions yielded will be used to bite us
(and I quite understand that most don't share this rather abstract fear of
mine, and don't want to discuss it.)

But I would keep the SourceForge site & list as a mirror (well, you should;
I'd find someone other than SF, for the copywrite thing.) Sadly, it looks
like it would be easier to do that the other way, having SF as the primary
site, easy for you to maintain, and then sunsite as the mirror. I suppose
you could actually do it this way, and just not inform us of the direction of
the mirroring. ;)

Keeping the lists in sync will be difficult. The easy and safe thing to do
is to subscribe the old list to the new list (perhaps in digest mode); those
who want to only subscribe to the new list will miss messages on the old
list. I've never heard of a good automatic scheme for keeping multiple lists
synced without duplicates, and worse, cascading duplicates.
I've not yet been infected with a virus from an email from either a sunsite
list or a sourceforge list (although I've received them from hotmail, yahoo,
yahoo groups, and a few others.)

If you're going to receive e-mail -- or be connected to the world at all --
you're going to have to deal with viri. Carefully choosing list providers is
probably a good thing to do, but it does not solve the problem; the user is
going to have to prepare and defend herself, she can't rely on the list

(And now that I've thought a bit about the above, umm, I suddenly notice that
I have no idea whatsoever what the copyright provisions at sunsite are, so
maybe I'm drawing a totally unfair comparison.)


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> Sunsite.Dk are asking me is we really wish to move
> the list and the website at SourceForge.
> I need your opinion.
> Michele
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