Re: The new muLinux mailing-list

From: CH (
Date: Sat Oct 12 2002 - 22:55:04 CEST

>> >> Thank you!
>> >> I really thank you very much.
>> >> Congratulations!
>> >Ok. But I'm not sure that we will have no spam & viruses on the
>> >new list!
>> How could that be ...
>> But 6 (six) viruses within a week and you can't recommend the list
>> to a single Gateslitter user.
>> And on the other hand what are digital titts for?
>It seems you are convinced that the perfect anti-spam filter exists
Pardon me, there must be some missunderstanding!
As I said, I am in doubt too, that ,there couldn't be' the perfect
filter for viruses. So do I think and I hope you do understand me :-)

>I no, sorry. I infer that simply using the logic.
Sorry, but I am not as stupid to believe, that a perfect filter exists.

>I'm doing a lot of crude work, now, caused by users that use Outlook
>or other mail client used to open automagically the attachments.

That's my job too and I really hate to do it, maybe you can believe me.
I strongly recommend any user any kind of Linux, also my-linux and
I am grateful if anyone want's to change the operating system.

>Sincerely, I'm strongly tempted to close both: the mailing list and
>the project.

I hope you don't do it. I have great respect to your work and I really
think it being a pity if you would do so. I am sorry for each of my words
hurting you, sorry.

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