[esben@haabendal.dk: Re: [Req #1997] muLinux mailing-list hosted at Sunsite.Dk]

From: Michele Andreoli (m.andreoli@tin.it)
Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 19:08:42 CEST

I forwarded to Esben Haabendal our final decision.
I used words and arguments listen on this list in order to
write my message.


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>>> From: Esben Haabendal Soerensen <esben@haabendal.dk>
>>> To: Michele Andreoli <m.andreoli@tin.it>
>>> Subject: Re: [Req #1997] muLinux mailing-list hosted at Sunsite.Dk
>>> Date: 13 Oct 2002 18:42:00 +0200

Michele Andreoli <m.andreoli@tin.it> writes:

> After a little enquiry on the list, we decided to stay here.

That is indeed great news! We will do our best to not let you down on
this decission.

> The best part of the subscribers are completely satisfied by
> the Sunsite hosting (only a couple of users still insist about
> virus and spam).

Sounds good. But let us try and work out these virus and spam
problems. Could the unsatisfied users detail out exactly what
problems they feel are with the current mulinux lists, and what
steps could be taken to solve this in a way that is not to much of a
hassle to the rest of the list subscribers.

> By myself, I have no arguments against Sunsite and, even better,
> I think fair to honour the Sunsite contribution to Free Software
> in the way we can: staying here.

Thank you :) It is our belief that we need to build up a lot of small
open source hosting sites, instead of centralizing everything at
sourceforge.net. Single point of failure is never smart.

> I will use the SF account in order to describe muLinux and to
> put in it a page referring the Sunsite.Dk homesite.


> Question 1)
> I'm rewriting and restructuring the site. I use a simple
> ftp client and to remove recursively a directory is difficult.
> Can You remove all, at my request?

Sure. We can also provide you with rsync access to the site, which
you can use to do this kind of stuff easily in the future. Are you
interested in that ?

> Question 2)
> Do I have some disk-space restrition? I wish to upload
> an ISO image, about 300M

Yes, we have decided to set a disk-quota for all projects. But this
is not because we don't want to give you the space you need, but
merely a way to keep some kind of track of which projects need and use
how much space. It makes it possible for us to prevent one project to
take up all the available disk space from other projects (fx. by

So, how much disk-space do you need for muLinux (total requirement) ?
Let us know, and we will set the disk-quota apropriately.

While we are talking, I have another thing I wish to talk with you
about. For some time ago, we started hosting project websites at
URL's like http://yourproject.sunsite.dk instead of
http://sunsite.dk/yourproject. In the near future, we are going to
move the remaining old projects to this new type of URL. We will
ofcourse setup redirects, so no old links will go stale. My question
is then, do you need to do any changes to your website for this change
to be executed ? We would like to know if/when it is ok to proceed
with the change.

Best regards

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straight whisky.
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