Re: The new muLinux mailing-list

From: CH (
Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 17:59:36 CEST

>>>> I strongly recommend any user any kind of Linux, also my-linux and
>>>> I am grateful if anyone want's to change the operating system.
>>>Sounds nice, but what is "my-linux" ?
>> The thousandth part of milli, the millionth part of Linux :-)))
>Ahhh, you mean µ - like in µLinux?

Of course µ :-)

>Normally it is not called "my-Linux" (since it is not 'my' Linux)
>but just 'muLinux'.

You are right! Not all my Linux are µLinux also using SuSE and
slackware ;-)
But your Kmail seems to be a much better one than mine:-))

Herzliche Grüße
*Clemens*Haupt* :-)

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