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Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 21:18:38 CEST

I have to admit, KDE 3.0 seems very slick.
Michele mentions how difficult it is for him to keep up with reading
about all the new initiatives in linux.
I find it quite overwhelming. My two daughters (11 and 13 of age) both
have a PC which I have put Peanut linux on also with dual boot Win 98 (I
have to do this since all their school software needs windows) I find
they both prefer to now select linux (and not just let lilo default to
win98) for the large selection of games and rather amusing (disgusting)
noises it makes on its desktop, and also the desktop wallpapers provided
and the several image/paint type programs (they are more arty than
technical but beautiful birthday cards still have to be made).
This is an astonishing change from KDE 2.2 which they ridiculed and
refused to use as Dads ugly/old/hard/(doesn't do this on the school PC)
computer. Its silly little things like this which will win over the
general public, especially people of this age - who are the ones to
convince, then when they emerge from education in 10 years they are the
ones who will turn the tide. I believe I have taken up an interest in
this fascinating operating system just at the right time, as it is
building up its momentum. Every new distro I try is easier, more useable
and prettier than the last. All this acceleration has happened with no
marketing budget, no advertising or hard sell, just good honest opinions
being passed word of mouth and a few independent magazine reviews - Oh
and not to mention the penguin, lets not rule out the important role
this creature plays, most corporations/organizations these days
recognise the need for a symbol, Tux fits the job to a T.

Appologies to all for ramblings of an idiot

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On Sunday 13 October 2002 17:59, you wrote:

> But your Kmail seems to be a much better one than mine:-))

I hope so!!

That's what lots of industrious people (see the KMail developers' list)
have been aiming at - and that's why I continue to ask people to use
fine new KDE 3.1 beta2. :-)

Note: KDE 3.1 (to come soon to your desktop) will be AWESOME!

People will ask themselfes:

 "Why the hell /should/ I continue using Windows if I could use KDE

<big grin>

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