Re: ScanMail Message: To Recipient virus found or matched file blocki ng setting.

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 18:32:16 CEST

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 05:16:15PM +0200, System Attendant wrote:

> ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has taken action on the message, please
> refer to the contents of this message for further details.
> Sender =
> Recipient(s) =
> Subject = A very new website
> Scanning Time = 10/23/2002 17:16:14
> Engine/Pattern = 6.150-1001/369
> Action on message:
> The attachment anne.pif matched file blocking settings. ScanMail has taken
> the Moved action. The attachment was moved to C:\Program
> Files\Trend\Smex\Alert\anne3db6bd3e63.pif_.

Please, help me to understand this kind of messages.
IDEFIX, being a dog, isn't the sender; the sender of the original
message with the virus is It is true?

But IDEFIX (the System Attendant) can post on the mailing list, being *not* a subscriber,
can post on the mailinglist. It is true?
(Of course: I asked sunsite to not allow that).

Anyway, where is the original post from on this
list? I cannot find it.


"Physics is like sex: it may give some practical
results, but that's not why we do it"  (Richard Feynman)
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