Re: ScanMail Message: To Recipient virus found or matched file blocki ng setting.

From: Renaud PASCAL (
Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 18:28:44 CEST

At 18:32 23/10/02, you wrote:
>On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 05:16:15PM +0200, System Attendant wrote:
>Please, help me to understand this kind of messages.

Don't bother :)
You won't be able to do so if you are not the mailmaster
of the posting and relay servers

>IDEFIX, being a dog, isn't the sender; the sender of the original
>message with the virus is It is true?

Most probably fake

>Anyway, where is the original post from on this
>list? I cannot find it.

Some of us (in thelist) is trapped by a trojan and/or a virus/spammer bot
These one(s) has(ve) to check with antivir us tools and
spybots and malware tools and clean their stations,
and thereafter try and learn SafeHex :)

>"Physics is like sex: it may give some practical
>results, but that's not why we do it" (Richard Feynman)

You see goold old Feynman was certainly thinking of us, poor mailmasters :)

"Certains me nomment '^R[a-z\'-]+$', mais j'ai tant d'autres noms ....".

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