Re: Windows XP question (newbie)

From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 14:31:29 CEST

> Worked, thank you!
> Of course, a such resource DB should be wonderfull to have also in Linux.
> I'm saying an eresy, I know that.
> What we have in muLinux (under /setup), or in RedHat/Mandrake (under /etc/sysconfig),
> is a caotic version of that DB.

It isn't quite true... Indeed the configuration isn't standardized as in
windows registry, but in the registry there are also unreadable and
cryptic stuff although the format is standard.

> In Mandrake, for example, there is a lot of Configuration Tools that
> uses to interfer with user's changes in /etc and in /etc/sysconfig, etc.
> A true caos, let me say!
> The same happens sometimes with MU.
> I go in /etc/sysconfig and change something. After that, If I use some
> Mandrake conf-tools, all values gets disaligned.

The same happens with windows. The problem here is not centralized
information, it is concurrent access.

> A true caos, let me say ...
> Becoming Linux always more complex, I think a centralized DB for
> resources is necessary.

There is such a project, I don't know if it is used a lot, however, see

And webmin is also quite nice.

I agree with you, anyway, the linux apps should use a standardized format
for configuration. It cannot be used for anything, however, sometimes
you have stuff which doesn't fit one scheme easily (I think about
cfengine, for example).

All this is a consequence of decentralized development in a non normalized


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