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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 15:29:20 CEST

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 02:31:29PM +0200, Dumas Patrice wrote:
> The same happens with windows. The problem here is not centralized
> information, it is concurrent access.

Right. Only DBMS mechanism can solve. My dream is a Linux Configuration
Registry over SQL.
In this way we can configure our Linux box via web using phpmysqladmin!!

> And webmin is also quite nice.

I explored it a little. It mantains an own internal DB?

> I agree with you, anyway, the linux apps should use a standardized format
> for configuration. It cannot be used for anything, however, sometimes
> you have stuff which doesn't fit one scheme easily (I think about
> cfengine, for example).
> All this is a consequence of decentralized development in a non normalized
> world...

Perfect. Your last sentence should be my signature. Unfortunately, I cannot
speak such fluid like you!

It is possible to add a Registry-Protocol-Specification without
to break the "decentralized development"?

I think yes: in the decentralized devolpment we use common protocols already:
like X, of PPP or SMTP or POP3.
Why to non have a protocol to store registry info??

But I also see what will happens: an "rm -r /etc" in every Linux distro!
The /etc directory is only a rudimental database based on text file.
Configuration programs have to mantain it aligned with the registry: an
hard (and illogical) task.
This break the romanticism about UNIX fs structure, but this is.

I we still like to go in /etc and change /etc/hosts by hand, we
cannot pretend a registry in Linux!
What you think?



Are we discovering that MS-Windows is better that Linux?
My heart is open. I'm not fanatic. I think registry is
better then /etc. But I can change idea if someone has better arguments.

"Physics is like sex: it may give some practical
results, but that's not why we do it"  (Richard Feynman)
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