Liitle Strange things wuth setup -f ETH0

From: Kautzmann Gerd (
Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 10:54:46 CET

I installed a a lowcost PCMCIA Card on my mulinux Laptop and it works now.

But there are some problems around it that could happen to other users.

1. setup -f eth0 fails very second attempt ... cause modeprobe seems to have
problems when eth0 is up.
2. at the end of setup -f eth0 ( with DHCP ) a file that should contain
'hostname' is printed with 'cat' but the given filename is wrong ( the file
that has the informations has an other name )
3. dhcp doesn't work, mulinix finds the right ip but doesn't know its
default gateway.
4. why does 'setup -f eth0' and 'setup -f network' require the same dates
like 'gateway' it this informations should not have to be given twice ....
5. Browser ? Quark works but doesn't helps very much chimera seems not to be
a part of my installation, where could i find it ?

with kind regards / mit freundlichen Grüssen

Gerd Kautzmann

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