mu [OT]: dyn_dns and router ip address

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Sun Nov 17 2002 - 22:55:37 CET

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17/11/2002 14:36:16, Maxim Belooussov <> wrote:

>Hello Dave,
>Why don't you use FREESCO for this? Mu is more application-centric
>distro (read: mu-desktop). What you need is a router.

Re read the original post. I already have two (2) routers, Mu running dual eth cards and NAT for the local
net and a hardware router in the Astrophysics lab handling the external connection.

>AFAIK Freesco has dyndns support build in (i.e. if your ip changes,
>dyndns gets the message).

Freesco, Mu, LRP,Coyote even that other stuff from Gates all have the same problem, unless you can run
your dyndns client on the far end router ie the one that has the direct internet connection,your ip will always
point to the address of the machine that you are using and not the internet ip.

The only way around this is to use an URI POST method of the form:-
http:// provider url/dyndnspage>/?
hence the need to be able to find the far end router external ip

Dave H

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