Re: mu [OT]: dyn_dns and router ip address

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 20:07:07 CET

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18/11/2002 15:08:17, Maxim Belooussov <> wrote:

>Hello Dave,
>>>Why don't you use FREESCO for this? Mu is more application-centric
>>>distro (read: mu-desktop). What you need is a router.

>Dave> Re read the original post. I already have two (2) routers, Mu running dual eth cards and NAT for
the local
>Dave> net and a hardware router in the Astrophysics lab handling the external connection.

>Aha, I've missed that the first time... I did not think that you could
>have been running the website on the intranet machine, using port
>forwarding of some sort... Silly me.

>Dave> The only way around this is to use an URI POST method of the form:-
>Dave> http:// provider url/dyndnspage>/?
>Dave> hence the need to be able to find the far end router external ip

>Could some chroned script check the ip address of the eth0 of router
>1? "grep sysinfo blah-blah"? This way you don't even have to connect to wget
>this way, only telner/rsh to the router machine...

The far end bridging router is part of the U.K. MERLIN/VLBI Radio Telescope network and is situated
over 30 miles from our lab at the University on a totaly different sub net so I've no physical access and
unfortunately due to Uni. politics am not likely to get shell/eth access either.
8 million pound budget just approved for new laser/fibre optic network to update the link between radio
telescopes and I'm banging my head just to get a domain name for my group (:-|
Considering that we still use 8 bit 8080 based cpu and open reel tape packs for data logging and
distribution, I can't see the situation improving much.

I'll have to stick with the web ip reflector for now although why supposedly intelligent Phd students can't
bookmark a URL beats me


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