Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 16:34:11 CET


before a few days i made the first steps with mulnux - and it looks grate -

diskette installation - HD cloning - all works fine - no problems - i tried big machines and small ones.

but then i found roclone - and my problems began :-(
i tried it with several destination devices

can everybuddy help me by the questions ??

on the configurationsteps:
1. why does mkdosfs return >>permission denied <<?
2. where can i download cdrecord
on make.boot:
everytime he said that there is no valid dossystem on device 07:00

and in make.boot i found that the /mnt dir should be defined - but whitch destinatinaion ???

you see I m confused

- sorry for my english

Matthias Siemers

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