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From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 18:15:42 CET

02/12/2002 17:34:11, wrote:

>i tried it with several destination devices
>can everybuddy help me by the questions ??


>on the configurationsteps:
>1. why does mkdosfs return >>permission denied <<?

By default cdrecord uses a SCSII cd/rw drive and I'm guessing you have an ide drive.
To use ide cd r/w you need scsii emulation compiled into the kernel which is not supported in Mulinux.

>2. where can i download cdrecord

/usr/wks/bin/cdrecord if you install the WKS addon

>on make.boot:
>everytime he said that there is no valid dossystem on device 07:00
>and in make.boot i found that the /mnt dir should be defined - but whitch destinatinaion ???
>you see I m confused

roclone just wont work in standard Mulinux if you dont have a scsii drive...Sorry

>- sorry for my english

Fractured English is a speciality of this list :-))

Dave H

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