Re: problems with the MAKER utility

From: Cristian Veronesi (
Date: Thu Dec 05 2002 - 11:27:20 CET

Karim Homsi wrote:

> Hallo!
> Do you have a computer whith several partitions.
> That can be because you adressed the wrong partition.
> Where stops the install.bat program?
> Karim H.

Hello, the computer has a 100MB HD with one MSDOS partition only
(mulinux sees it as /dev/hda1).
I did not try install.bat, I tried boot.bat first (but it locks), then I
tried maker.bat (on a different computer) + lowmem.bat (on my computer).

With lowmem.bat I can proceed for a while, I get the "Welcome to
Mulinux" screen, I choose option [2] "uncompress and install the image
files directly in c:\linux". It works for a while, it activates the
swap, then, when it comes to the "Installing BOOT segment" phase I get
this error:

BOOT: no such file or directory
abort: mounting BOOT segment
s)hell r)eboot

Any hints?
Thank you.
Kind regards, Cristian

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