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[pci] Need Guidence

Good Morning .
Though i am talking at a professional forum but still hope, you people would help me .
we ( i & my friend) started our final project at graduate level on "PCI Prototyping Board".we have to design and implement full PCI Protocol on FPGA (pathched on PCI add-in card). which will be interfaced  with PCI BUS on one side and on the other side it will be inferfaced with the user application (it may be DAC ,Modem ,CRT e.t.c ).

I want to know
1) Is it necassary to implement WishBone standard in my case ?
2) If i implement WishBone then what would i require Host Bridge or Guest Bridge Implementation ?
3) Is it do-able in 5 months keeping in view that we also have to write a device driver
in windows for the sample application ?
Lastly any other suggestions which help us
Regards & GoodBye.

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