XORP Source Code Documentation

The XORP project uses the KDE documentation tool kdoc tool to produce source code documentation. The following source code documentation is available.

libxorp XORP core type and utility library
libxorp-callback XORP callback routines
libcomm Socket library
libxipc XORP interprocess communication library
libproto Protocol Node library used by XORP multicast processes
mrt Multicast Routing Table library
cli Command Line Interface library
fea Forwarding Engine Abstraction daemon
libfeaclient Forwarind Engine Abstraction Library
mld6igmp Multicast Listener Discovery daemon
pim Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) daemon
bgp BGP4 daemon
mibs MIB modules for Net-SNMP
rib Routing Information Base daemon
rip Routing Information Protocol

Generating this documentation

To generate this documentation you need to install kdoc. The kdoc used by the XORP developers includes a number of C++ grammar additions that are not yet part of the kdoc core distribution. XORP's version of kdoc is available by CVS, using:

	$ cvs -d :pserver:xorpcvs@cvs.xorp.org:/cvs co other/kdoc


Follow the instructions in the kdoc README file to install the program.

Once kdoc is installed, and go to the top level of the XORP source code tree and type:

	$ cd docs/kdoc
	$ ./gen-kdoc.sh


The script gen-kdoc.sh manages the generation of source documentation from the source code using kdoc and generates this boilerplate. All of the configuration information for the documentation generation is contained within gen-kdoc.sh. It should be relatively straightforward to add new targets by looking at the existing configuration towards the end of the script.

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