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(?) Virtual E-mail and POP Services with a Webmail Chaser


Answered By Jim Dennis

dear sir/madam,

(!) [JimD] Sir for most of the TAG team, and Madam for Heather (our illustrious editor).
(!) [Heather] ...aww, shux. I have done any illustri-ing in a while :)

(?) i have created virtual e-mail domains and vpop accounts to virtual e-mail domains. DNS is configured. A record and ip address are set. virtual e-mail domains are identified through nslookup and telnet.

(!) [JimD] What kind of "virtual" e-mail domains did you create? What MTA (mail transport agent) are you using? sendmail, qmail, Postfix, Courier, exim? What POP daemon are you using? You've set A (address) records up in DNS? What about your MX records?
You've used nslookup (or dig) to confirm that your domains and hostname records appear as you intended them. However, you haven't explained to us what you did and how you think it's supposed to work.

(?) when i send mail to vpop account to virtual e-mail domain i am getting error

 ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
     (reason: system config error)
    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
 553 5.3.5 mail.webber. config error: mail loops back to me (MX problem?)
 554 5.3.5 <mamata@vvv.webber>... Local configuration error
(!) [JimD] This example looks completely bogus. "webber" doesn't look like an Internet domain at all.
Obviously you don't understand the problem well enough to explain your expectations, give relevant excerpts from the config files that are involved, and provide details about which packages you are using. Either you don't understand enough to ask an answerable question, or you're too lazy to do so. (I hope it's the former).

(?) please send step by step procedure to create virtual e-mail domains and vpop accounts. is imap and pop3 server is sufficient or vpop3 server is required.How to check mails for vpop accounts.

(!) [JimD] No. The "step-by-step" procedure for creating domains and POP servers are covered in a number of HOWTOs and involve a large number of decisions that must be made based on an understanding of a very large body of information about networking. Also those steps and processes differ greatly based on which packages you select. The selection of packages is also a complex issue which should be based on a clear requirements analysis.
Your question amounts to a request for us to perform a rather involved consulting project for you. You should hire a consultant to provide these services. If your needs are for a non-profit or community service project, then you should solicit some local expertise to help you with the project.

(?) the frontend we are using is webmail.

(!) [JimD] I have recently set up something that sounds remarkably like what you need here. I grabbed the Courier MTA and webmail package from (http://www.courier-mta.org) site and built the MTA (esmtpd), POP and IMAP servers, and the SQwebmail CGI gateway (MUA: mail user agent).
Actually, I'm still setting it up. Unfortunately I haven't had time to write up the basic details and I certainly haven't had time to play with its advanced features and to figure out how to host virtual domains on it.
Maybe, in a month or two, I'll have enough experience with Courier and enough time to write up a HOWTO. I might also work on creating a suite of Debian packages for (some of) them (since Debian currently only support the Courier-IMAP daemon).

(?) please reply at the earliest

(!) [JimD] Sorry, but you need a whole lot more specialized help then we can give. Please feel free to write up a detailed explanation of what you're trying to do and how your trying to do it, and we might offer some further suggestions. As for "the earliest" please keep in mind that this is a volunteer effort. If you want timely service, pay for it.

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