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(?) Looking for a Tutor

From Rosebud

Answered By Jim Dennis

I am looking for someone to help me lean more about Linux so I can pass my cerification test for Linux Admin. I would like to hire a tutor to help me. Can you tell me where I could possible search for one on the web?

(!) [JimD] Oddly enough, Starshine Technical Services, (my wife's consulting sole-proprietorship; sometimes run by yours truly) started out as "Starshine Tutoring Services" in Los Angeles over a dozen years ago.
Heather did some tutoring through the LAVCC (http://www.lavc.cc.ca.us) and some of her clients suggested that they'd be happy to pay her directly (the tutoring was sponsored by the college from what I gather). So she hung out her shingle; focusing primarily on computer related topics.
Over the years she and I have taken over the business whenever we weren't working a traditional position. I used it as a research vehicle while I was writing my book (specializing in sysadmin support and training).
Anyway, onto your question.
The obvious first step would be to search for "tutoring services" on the Google! Linux (http://www.google.com/linux) engine. I get 62 hits. Searching on just "training" gives us about 40,000 hits one of the first of which points at the Linsight/LinTraining (http://www.lintraining.com) portal. One of the first links therefrom gets us to Henry White's "Basic Linux Training" web-based courseware (http://www.basiclinux.hypermart.net).
I've referred people to the LinTraining and to Henry White's online courses before. These are the best online resources for free Linux training that I know of. Note that the Basic Linux Training course lasts for several weeks and courses start every other month. The LPI web site also refers interested parties to the LinTraining web site for information about training centers.
Of course there are always your local users groups and community colleges. I've also seen video tutorials in the local Fry's (computer stores in California, Arizona, and possibly some other western U.S. states.

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