GNUbik Translations

GNUbik has been localised into several languages, thanks to the following people:
  • 3ARRANO Euskalgintza Taldea (Basque)
  • Selma Casanovas (Catalan)
  • Bjarke Freund-Hansen (Danish)
  • Niko Itajarvi (Finnish)
  • Guy Decarpentrie (French)
  • Martin Grimme (German)
  • John Darrington (US English)
  • Gorkem Cetin (Turkish)
  • Gil 'Dolfin' Osher (Hebrew)
  • Marco Ciampa (Italian)
  • Hasbullah Bin Pit (Malay)
  • Stian Hole (Norwegian)
  • Sergey Poznyako (Polish)
  • Eugen Hoanca (Romanian)
  • Sergey Poznyako (Russian)
  • Quique (Spanish)

There's lots more languages in the world. If you can provide a translation to your language, then please do so.

You can get a sample *.po file from cvs. Edit it as appropriate and send it to me.