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(?) Singing the Song for Samba

From Johan Andersson on Wed, 29 Mar 2000


Just have one question. Can i use a computer with Linux as a Win NT server? I want the server to run Linux and the clients to run win 95/2K and then connect to the server. Is this possible?

/Johan Andersson

(!) Oh! I know the name of that tune. You're looking for Samba (http://www.samba.org). This project allows any modern UNIX or Linux system to act as an SMB (server message block) file and print server. SMB is the protocol that NT, Win '9x, and the older OS/2 LAN Manager and LAN Server and Windows for Workgroups (WfW).
Samba comes with most distributions of Linux. However, you might want to get the most recent stable version since there have been significant improvements in recent versions. In particular the the new SWAT (Samba Web-based Adminstration Tool) configuration package. I still use my text editor for configuring it. But most of the people I know (including a couple of the package's principle architects and maintainers) prefer to use SWAT. SWAT is basically a mini-web server, so you interface to it is any web browser. You just run SWAT long enough to configure the server, it saves your settings in the Samba configuration files, and you're done.

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