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(?) Every time Modem Hangup When Connect time 3.3 min.

From sunge

Answered By Karl-Heinz Herrmann, Frank Rodolf

Dear TAG members,

When I use ppp-on script connect to my ISP, almost EVERY time the modem will hangup when the

connect time is 3.3 minutes:

$tail -n 10 /var/log/messages
Jul 15 19:37:37 localhost pppd[1703]: Hangup (SIGHUP)
Jul 15 19:37:37 localhost pppd[1703]: Modem hangup
Jul 15 19:37:37 localhost pppd[1703]: Connection terminated.
(!) [K.-H.] this is what you would get by a modem-initiated hang up. pppd just gets told that the connection is closed.
Jul 15 19:37:37 localhost pppd[1703]: Connect time 3.3 minutes.
Jul 15 19:37:37 localhost pppd[1703]: Sent 4656 bytes, received 6655 bytes.
Jul 15 19:37:37 localhost pppd[1703]: Exit.

But if I use Kppp, modem will NOT hangup.

Thank you.

(!) [K.-H.] kppp and ppp-on will probably set the modem differently. Especially there is one register Sx which contains the time in minutes(?) after which the modem will hang up if no data transfer occurs.
I guess your startup causes about 0.3min traffic after which no further traffic occurs and your timeout with ppp-on is set to 3 minutes. kppp may have that set to a longer time.
The init string is something like AT ..... Sx=3 I'm not sure anymore, but the register number x was something like 6 or 9... see the modem manual for details.
(!) [Frank] Hi there!
Just a small addition to what Karl-Heinz wrote.
The register (at least in a standard Hayes compatible register set) would be number 19 and the number after the = does indeed indicate the number of minutes of inactivity before disconnecting.

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