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(?) Kernel Compilation

From Anthony Amaro Jr

Answered By Heather Stern

I have 2 computers currently, one running redhat 6.2 with 2.4.5 kernel (compiled from source) and another running redhat 7.1 stock. Why is it that after I do an almost identical install on both machines package wise, I am able to sucessfully compile and install the 2.4.5 kernel (from kernel.org) on the 6.2 machine but when I try to compile on the redhat 7.1 machine it the compiler stops with errors? It seems hard to believe that a newer version of red hat would be incompatable with the kernel that make it linux!!!


Anthony Amaro Jr.

(!) [Heather] Well, it used to be a Well Known Answer that RH had shipped a gcc which was too d*** new to successfully build kernels. What that obviously means is the folks back in the RedHat labs prepared their kernel RPMs on another machine, one which wasn't running their distro-to-be.
answer 1: you can compile a kernel on a different system, then copy it, the matching System.map and modules across to your misbehaving one.
However, I don't know if this 7.0 problem remains in 7.1. (I'd bet they got a lot of complaints about it.) Soooo... with you having said nothing about what kind of error messages... how would we know either?
answer 2: "it's broken" is not enough detail for us to help "make it work".
Good luck, tho...

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