Re: [mu OT] Despair!

From: salva (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 19:36:04 CET

Michele Andreoli <> writes:

> GCC: big disaster incoming.
> Some people attempt to compile in muLinux TRUES packages downloaded
> around the net! I cannot substitute it.comp.linux.development or
> comp.os.linux.development and related!

Oh, my God...

> I don't know other solution: to remove GCC floppy from my web and
> any reference to this addon, from docs and home-page.

I think that it's very useful for university students!!!!!!

> Yes, I can put in some place this note:
> "This C development system is suitable ONLY for hello-world
> programs, math program and lexical analyzer."
> but, I am sure, someone will attempt to compile Netscape-4.5 for
> muLinux, anyway!

Probably there will be people asking: "why when I try to install KDE
in my muLinux, it doesn't work?", but it's not a good reason to remove
the X disk!

> For example: Can anyone mantain it?

What does you mean?
If mantaining means answering to all the guys asking questions about
C, that's OK, I can do it...
If it means to make a better GCC add-on nope: I've no time to do it...
If the problem it's only answering e-mail of beginners I'll do it...
But you have to put the note "For educational purpose only - not good
to compile real-world programs" on the Web page, near the GCC link...
I'd like to help you, and I think that the GCC disk is really a good
idea, but you have to tell me exactly what you mean...



p.s. KDE on muLinux is not a bad idea ;)

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