Re: elvis macros

From: Andrea Manzini (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 22:44:46 CET

While I was sleeping, Massimo Pilolli wrote:

[big snip]
> It should work, if I've remembered each detail. You know:
> vi is not exactly an user-friendly text editor.

yes, I tried it in Vim and it works. It advances automatically from a line
to other. I also found that 'elvis' (the one in mulinux) supports "map"
command so that a primitive form of macros can be done.

> Anyway, I don't know if all this is the standard way to build macros:
> I used such a similar macro some years ago in a RISC 6000 workstation
> (AIX o.s.) just to clean a 4000 lines FORTRAN program (you guessed:
> there were the bloody ^M in it!).

I'd solve it more simply with "tr -d \r" :-)

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