R: Boot Problem-netiquette-ecc

From: Marcello Valenti (vrxpv@tin.it)
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 02:06:51 CEST

after read the question or the comparison I want to say:
it's a contradiction 'cause u have time to develop ,reporting bug and other
but have no time for reply some help request when they don't speak about
what u want,but when U need help(your knowledge is no sufficient?)the LITTLE
POOR mulinux mail list have to do it.Usually MY knowledge is not sufficient
for help all the problems that I read on the list,but.. I try sometime and
if the result is wrong or if I appear a boring guy(or lazy)I don't care
'cause I TRY IT. I use this list for learn more about mulinux(like chat on
irc for learn english) and when in the moment I'll arrive to learn much more
about I'll be happy and onorate to help somebody.The provlem is not the
netiquette ,the problem is "have without give"or ..........
if U don't want subscibe it's ok .please don't pretend that.....
U undestand?

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